Into The Wild

Hello Southernistas I hope y’all are having a great weekend! Are you ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? Will you be traveling? Are you cooking dinner for family and friends? I am looking forward to the holiday with a little sadness because this will be my family’s first Thanksgiving without my grandfather who passed away at the beginning of this year.

It’s confession time and I know y’all want judge me for what I am about to reveal to you all (big breath) so here goes: I have never worn animal prints. There it is out in the open I have never worn an animal print or even been remotely tempted to wear animal print. This is one trend that has never appealed to me. That is until I saw this leopard print pants suit on Lane Bryant’s website! As soon as my eyes saw this pant suit I wanted it in fact I had to have this suit. I couldn’t believe how much I loved this suit and that I would ever wear a skinny pant. The wonderful thing about the jacket and pants are the stretch! I have big arms so I normally have to size up in jackets and coats but not this jacket there is so much stretch that it fit me like a glove! I also had to size down in the pant also since they are super stretchy. Since I bought this suit I have been bitten by the animal print bug and can’t wait to add more of this print to my closet!

Bryant Blazer Leopard Print and Leopard Print Allie Skinny Pant from Lane Bryant Bag from JustFab Shoes from Payless Shoe Source

Until next time Southernistas remember to Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Confident!

2 thoughts on “Into The Wild

  1. Hello from Dallas! Love your style! I’m a 71 yr old fashionista, finally retired and now a full time artist. Last year I started wearing leggings and tunic tops, fashion eyewear from Zenni and cute slip-on sneakers. I think I’m the only resident of this retirement apartment community who wears ripped skinny jeans. I admire the plus size women who see their clothing styling as an artful way to express themselves. Stacy Abrams rocked her hip and classy style last night in her response to the alarming state of the union address.

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    1. Thanks Genie! I wish more women realized that fashion we don’t stop being stylish as we get older we just get better. I hope I’m still rocking it when I’m 71

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