December 29, 2013

Hello Southernistas! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Hard to believe that 2018 is almost over and 2019 is almost here! I know it’s been a while since I blogged but I just wanted to enjoy the holiday season. It was my plan to start 2019 off with a new blog but a few months ago this date popped in my mind and I couldn’t get away from it no matter how hard I tried. I knew it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to share with you why this date has special meaning. I hope as you read this you find encouragement, that it strengthens your walk with Jesus (if you have a relationship), that it leads you to a relationship with Jesus, and that it will help you to realize you are not alone.

2013 was not an easy year for me at all I was living in a one bedroom apartment and everyday I came home to an empty apartment was depressing. I always felt like I lived such a solitary life at that time. I remember waking up every morning with a feeling of hopelessness and I just didn’t know how to handle what I was feeling. These are not feelings that just suddenly came up I had been dealing with depression for years but it was now so crippling I could barely function. I remember going to church and feeling nothing, praying and feeling nothing, it seemed like I was just going through the motions of my life but I wasn’t living.

I was in a really bad car accident early in the year and thank God he brought me, my Mom, and my niece out alive. I was sued for an large sum of money I didn’t have and so I had to give a deposition and go back to the city the accident happened for a mediation and God was on my side and delivered me from that situation but I was still so sad. I spent that whole year putting on a mask while I sat at home and cried my heart out.

When December arrived I had had enough of this life and I had made the decision to end my life. I had really good reasons, at least to me, for taking this step. Life had just gotten so hard and although I have a loving family, a loving Church, and friends I felt so alone and isolated. I believed that if I died no one would miss me and my daughter is an adult now and she doesn’t need me. I’m single and over 40 and it seemed that no matter how hard I tried nothing was working out in my life. At that time these reasons seems valid. I remember wanting to talk to someone but couldn’t because there were no words there were only tears. I remember how abandoned I felt by God and that this was as good as it was going to get.

I remember getting up that Sunday so sad and getting ready for church. I remember the feeling of finality that Sunday and after church I felt like I was seeing everyone for the last time. I laughed, I smiled, I said my I love yous to my Pastor & my Assistant Pastor. I remember hugging everyone because I was saying good bye to them for one last time. When my mother dropped me at home I remember looking at her and thinking this is the last time I will see my her beautiful smiling face. I said good by to my daughter although she didn’t realize it at the time because again I had on the mask.

That evening I got out the bottle of pills I had and looked around my sad little apartment. Just when I was getting ready to take the pills I heard a voice and I know it was the voice of God and that voice spoke one word and that word was…LIVE! In that moment I knew that I wanted to live that I didn’t want to die that no matter how my life was it was still worth living. I begin to just sob my heart out and with every tear that fell I knew God was doing something inside. I don’t remember how long I stood there sobbing but I do remember after while flushing those pills down the toilet going on my knees and crying out to Jesus and He reached out to me and touched me and healed me.

Sometimes life gets so hard for us and it becomes unbearable but I encourage you who are reading this blog to seek help don’t try to go it alone like I did. Seeking help is not admitting you’re weak or that you don’t have a strong faith in God it means that you are strong enough to realize you can’t do it on your own. It means that you realize that how you are feeling is not how you want to fee. There is nothing wrong with getting professional help.

That was 5 years ago today and I am still single but in these 5 years I’ve learned how to be single, I moved back in with my Mom, and life is good! I think about all I would have missed if I had ignored God’s voice calling me to live and not die.

December 29, 2013 was suppose to be the day I died but it became the day I lived and I have never looked back.

Dress from Eloquii (red sold out), Shoes from Payless Shoe Source

Until next time Southernistas…LIVE!

Holiday Glam

Hello Southernistas and happy Monday! Here in North Carolina we are enjoying the snow we got this weekend I hope you are staying safe and warm if you are in one the states that got snow this weekend. If you didn’t get snow I’ll be glad to send you what we got:).

So this weekend was my department’s Christmas Party and it is something I look forward to every year in large part because I get to go all out and glam it up and this year was no exception. The first year I went I wore a dress that I had worn to an event honoring my Pastor and I remember all the compliments I received but I also remember how uncomfortable I was receiving the compliments and I was not confident in the dress but that was four years ago and a LOT has changed. I am more confident and I have made peace with myself, my past, and I am in a place of accepting the me that I am now. This year as last year I have Eloquii to thank for my glam look. Before I continue let me state that this post is not sponsored by Eloquii (Eloquii if you see this I’m open to a sponsoring a post) I am just a super fan nay I may say addict of Eloquii. This is a company that gets it when it comes to plus size fashion and if I was wealthy Eloquii would have a large part my wealth. They have done several collaborations and their most recent collaboration is with designer Jason Wu (yes that Jason Wu) and they are still collaborating with Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James brand and I hope it doesn’t end.

So as I was saying before I started rambling I owe my fierce holiday glam look to Eloquii again. I had originally planned to purchase my dress from another company but I went to Eloquii’s website to see their holiday collection and as soon as I saw their holiday collection all thoughts of purchasing my dress anywhere else left my mind. Every year their holiday collection is so beautiful and over the top and this year was no exception! I can honestly say no other company does holiday glam like Eloquii does holiday glam! As soon as I saw this black strapless sequin dress I knew I would be wearing that to the Christmas party. My style is classic and modest so I wore this beautiful mock neck lace shirt I bought from Ashley Stewart this weekend along with several pieces of jewelry. I wore a pearl necklace also purchased from Ashley Stewart and these cute Nine West black pumps. I wore my faux fur to complete the look. When I got to the Christmas party I got nothing but compliments all night.

Enjoy some pictures of the Christmas Party!

My friend and co-worker Alfreda Hunt & her man Joe

Alfreda looking fierce in her Jumpsuit & Ms. Wanda

Until next Southernistas! Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Beautiful!

Sequin Strapless Dress from Eloquii

Lace Mock Top from Ashley Stewart

Shoes from Nine West (no longer available)

Faux Fur Jacket from Full Beauty (

Tis the Season to be…Cozy

Hello my Southernistas! Sorry there was no blog post earlier this week but had to focus on family this week.

I know I’m late with this post and November has passed and we are now in the month of December! I’m trying not to freak out that Christmas is just around the corner and I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping (deep breath)! Not only is this the Christmas season but as the temperatures drop it is also the season of coziness. The dictionary defines cozy as giving a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation and if there is one thing the cold weather makes you seek is comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Last month Dia & Co started their #cozyconfidence campaign that encouraged their customers to post pictures of how do they do cozy fashion. There is nothing like putting on that sweater with a pair of leggings or that favorite oversize cardigan to pull together your outfit but still be comfortable when you step out the door or curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or whatever your beverage of choice may be after a long day. I know for me that as the temperatures have dropped in North Carolina and it continues to be cold in my office I have turned to some of my favorite cozy items in my closet to not only keep me warm but cozy and stylish.

I am so glad Dia decided to created this campaign. Since I’ve started this fashion journey my focus has been to always look and be stylish and a fashionista and this campaign has opened my eyes to the fact that you can still be a fashionista, stylish, and comfortable. I encourage you to find your coziness this season!

Being Cozy at work! Sweater from

Skirt & Cardigan from Dia & Co, Shirt from, Tote & Shoes from Payless Shoe Source

Oversize Cardigan from Ellos

Poncho Cardigan from

Until next time Southernistas remember to Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confidant!

So Thankful!

Hello Southernistas so Thanksgiving is just around the corner! My prayer is that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and for you who are traveling I pray God’s traveling mercies upon you and “may the odds be in your favor.” For you who are cooking I wish you godspeed!

This year I want to give thanks for this blog, new and old friends and new opportunities! First this blog never would have happened without encouragement from my best friend of over 30 years, Lisa, who is always available when I need her with no questions asked. Lisa was the first one who urged me to start a blog and she was the first one I turned to when I was trying to come up with names for my blog. She also came with me on my first photo shoot and was my wardrobe assistant at no charge. Thanks also to my Mother, Teralyn Dean, and Brian Antzack who were my cheerleaders in this new and scary path. Thank you to Kayla Moore who took my photos for my very first blog post at no charge and Maya Dean who served as Kayla’s assistant. Kayla and Maya thank you ladies for making time in your very busy schedules to help me bring my vision to life.

Not just my bestie but my Sister!

I am also thankful for Shelia Amir of The Bulls of Durham for two things the first making Durham her home and second her blogging workshop Blogging with Precision. I am a faithful follower of Shelia’s Instagram thebullsofdurham so when she announced her first workshop I signed up for it and learned so much and I did increase my social media presence on Instagram.When she rolled out her Blogging with Precision workshop I immediately signed up for this workshop and it was money well spent. In the workshop I learned so much and Shelia’s advice to me personally helped me so much. Thank you Shelia!

I am so thankful to God for Dia & Co for three things: 1. Allowing me to be an ambassador now a domino for them, 2. Creating a community and sisterhood for their customers. The third and most important is because of Dia I met Laura Roy Stanberry (check out her blog)who is not just a friend but a sister in Christ. There are no words that I can type that can really express how thankful I am that I know Laura!

Our first meeting!

Dia & Co also brought into my life these wonderful women who my Mother and I got to meet last month in Nashville. When Laura Mokelke organized a ladies weekend getaway for all who wanted to come I knew I was going. I blogged about the weekend get away here and here but I wanted to thank Laura and everyone who helped her put this girls trip together. I know I walked away with deep and meaningful friendships and the sisterhood was definitely established and I can’t wait for the next get together!

My Sisters!

As as I write this I realize these are just a few of the events and people in my life I am thankful for this year. I am blessed beyond measure with a loving family, an amazing daughter, awesome Pastor & Assistant Pastor, loving church family who supports me (AHOD I love y’all), good health, employment, friends new and old. This year as you gather with family and friends don’t forget to give thanks for all that God has blessed you with.

Until next time remember to Be Bold,Be Beautiful, Be Confidant!

Into The Wild

Hello Southernistas I hope y’all are having a great weekend! Are you ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? Will you be traveling? Are you cooking dinner for family and friends? I am looking forward to the holiday with a little sadness because this will be my family’s first Thanksgiving without my grandfather who passed away at the beginning of this year.

It’s confession time and I know y’all want judge me for what I am about to reveal to you all (big breath) so here goes: I have never worn animal prints. There it is out in the open I have never worn an animal print or even been remotely tempted to wear animal print. This is one trend that has never appealed to me. That is until I saw this leopard print pants suit on Lane Bryant’s website! As soon as my eyes saw this pant suit I wanted it in fact I had to have this suit. I couldn’t believe how much I loved this suit and that I would ever wear a skinny pant. The wonderful thing about the jacket and pants are the stretch! I have big arms so I normally have to size up in jackets and coats but not this jacket there is so much stretch that it fit me like a glove! I also had to size down in the pant also since they are super stretchy. Since I bought this suit I have been bitten by the animal print bug and can’t wait to add more of this print to my closet!

Bryant Blazer Leopard Print and Leopard Print Allie Skinny Pant from Lane Bryant Bag from JustFab Shoes from Payless Shoe Source

Until next time Southernistas remember to Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Confident!

25 Years Later

Hello Southernistas! I hope y’all are having a great weekend so far.

Last week I went to Homecoming at my alma mater, Campbell University, and it was my 25 year class reunion. OMG! I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since I walked across the stage and received my degree! Where oh where has the time gone?!

It was good to go back to the Creek again (Campbell is located in Buies Creek) and see how the campus has changed. To say there has been a lot of change is an understatement. The dorm I lived in my sophomore and junior year no longer stands and in Kitchen’s place will be the new Student Union. With Kitchen’s demolition there are no more dorms located on the quad anymore and it was a little bittersweet. Where the Office of Admission use to be there is now an auditorium.

New Student Union going up where I use to live

The Office Admission use to be here and behind was Off Campus Student housing

Going back to Campbell and seeing all the changes that have taken place made me think about the changes that I’ve gone through over these last few years. My time at Campbell was wonderful in so many ways: I served in Student Government all 4 years, I was politically active, and I made some life long friendships but I was also very depressed. There were times when I just couldn’t face the day but I forced myself to get up and go to class and wear the I’m okay mask. I remember once I was so depressed I just couldn’t get out of bed thank God for Beth & John who got me out of bed and got me the help I needed! They were my life line and they still are to this day. So were Donna, Allen, Derrick, Leanne, Sharon, Monica, and many others who will never know how much their genuine friendship meant to that girl.

So going back to Campbell to see classmates I haven’t seen in 25 years except on social media was exciting. I missed my 10 year and 20 year class reunion and I was determined not to miss my 25 year class reunion and I’m glad this is the reunion I didn’t miss. I’m not the same Regina I was 25 years ago back then I was not just depressed but I had no self esteem and I was desperate to be liked so I became a people pleaser and I was constantly on a diet. I was criticized about my hair and clothes and although I was told it was done from a place of love the ones who did the critiquing tore pieces from my soul and destroyed what little self esteem I had.

I remember crying and pleading with David, the Junior Class President, to please let me skip the Homecoming dance because 1. I didn’t have a date (not one date the whole 4 years), 2. I had nothing to wear, and 3. I just couldn’t face the event but David was firm but gentle with me and reminded me as one of the Junior Class representatives it was was mandatory that I attend. Again thank God for Leanne and Nicole who held my hands through this and we all went together as each others dates. Plus size fashion back then was not what it is today. My mom and I spent the weekend before Homecoming running all over Durham trying to find formal dress for me to wear and we ended up settling for a black and white dress we found in the bridal department at Belks and then I had to diet and exercise like crazy to loose almost 10lbs so I could wear the dress comfortably. Needless to say I had a miserable time at the Homecoming Dance.

Fast forward 25 years later when I stepped on campus the memories, good and bad, flooded me but it was still great to be on campus and to see some of my classmates and professors. It was good to know within myself that I was no longer the people pleasing, low self esteem, no self confidence woman I was then.

Alicia is still just as sweet as ever! Great to see Dr. Martin, Dr. Fortner, and Dr. Johnson

It was great to see the changes that had taken place and to see the growth that has happened since I left Buies Creek in 1993. Campbell and I have a lot in common in that respect we have both grown and changed in these 25 years for Campbell where there were parking lots, dorms, and open spaces they have now been replaced with new dorms, new programs and schools, new green spaces, traffic circles (still no traffic light), a Starbucks, a little strip mall, and old buildings have been renovated. For me I am no longer that insecure, no self esteem, lonely girl who was so desperate to be liked and loved by people who could care less about her that I would do just about anything for their acceptance. I have grown into a confident woman who now realizes that the most important person I must please is Jesus. I’ve learned how to be a friend and how to make friends. I’ve learned that I am a pretty awesome and cool woman but most importantly I learned to love myself, love life, and appreciate the people who loved me when I was at my lowest and worst point in my life.

As my best friend Lisa Bruckschen once told me and I agree in 25 years I’ve come a long way baby!

Dress from Lane Bryant (old), Denim Jacket from Dia & Co, Pocketbook from Payless Shoes (old) Booties from Just Fab (old)

Until next time Southernistas remember to Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confidant!

Dia Ladies Do Nashville — Part 2

Hello Southernistas! So last week I shared the first day of the girls trip to Nashville, TN and I knew there was going to be a part 2 because I couldn’t possibly include a weekend’s worth of memories into one post.

Photos by Tami Montgomery — NicPix Photography

Saturday morning was a cold day in Music City but it didn’t stop a few of us from hanging out on the porch (it is the South) and just bonding before we finally went in and had breakfast together. Thanks to Laura M, Laura S, and Sara for fixing breakfast for all of us! There ladies are awesome.

Hanging my girls Laura M, Laura S (check out her blog), and Sara on the porch. It was really cold!

After breakfast we all got dressed and separated to explore Nashville. For me my girls Laura and Sara took me to Draper James which is the lifestyle and fashion brand of Reese Whiterspoon. In case you didn’t know Draper James has teamed up with Eloquii for a collaboration and they have just launched their third collection with Eloquii (click here to view collection). You can also purchase the collection from Draper James too. Southernistas if you ever get a chance to go to Nashville you have to go to Draper James! It is a wonderful store and I purchased a cute skirt because they also carry the collection in store. To see how I styled the skirt check out my Instagram page @reginaswilliamsgmail.

Me, Sara and Laura inside Draper James. I just couldn’t leave without getting my picture taken outside the store.

After we left Draper James we met up with everyone at Curves with Purpose at the Galleria in Franklin, TN. Curves with Purpose is a pop up store which donates to many charitable causes which sells on trend plus size clothes. You can also shop their website: If you want to know more about the fashion they carry check out Laura Roy Stanberry’s lastest blog it’s all about this store. That Saturday everything in the store was 50% off so of course there was shopping to done and fun to be had!

Shopping at Curves with Purpose

Sara and Laura trying on and finding some amazing outfits at Curves with Purpose

After shopping was paused because honestly we could have stayed there all day and shopped we went back to our Airbnb to change and prepare for our photo shoot Laura M organized for us girls. We had so much fun and our photographer Tami was amazing. Nashville has beautiful mural art but the most popular mural art are the Angel wings so be warned there is a line but it moves fairly quickly and it is really worth the wait.

Me & Ms. Monica

Girl Squad — Myself, Laura M, Laura S. and Jennifer Conner aka and my fabulous heels perfect of Music City

Me and Carrie and Michelle

Fierce and Fabulous

Me with Ms. Monica and Michelle

Group Photo — Photography by Tami Montgomery — NicPix Photography

After the photo shoot we returned back to the house and got ready to go out to dinner at Mockingbird and an early celebration of Laura M’s birthday as well as Sara’s and Jennifer’s birthday. While there we found out the chef/owner of the restaurant is a Chopped Champion and we got to meet one of the Chopped judges Chef Maneet Chauhan! The food was delicious and the Chef and Maneet Chauhan were so wonderful to us. Mockingbird is a must for a really great meal!

Mockingbird Menu and the back is too cute!

The birthday girls with Chef Brian Riggenbach (Chopped Champ), Chef Maneet Chauhan, and Mikey Corona. They were super nice

Food was so good!

We had a great time at Mockingbird

Sunday was our last day and we said our goodbyes to everyone. We said out goodbyes to Laura M and Sara Saturday night since they were the first to leave at 6:00AM in the morning. It was bittersweet for all of us because we had truly not only become friends over the weekend but sisters! We has so much fun and several of us discovered that we are style sisters as well. Although it has been two weeks since the getaway I really miss these ladies and I can’t wait for us to do it again next year! I’ve included more pictures below of our photo shoot.

Until next time Southernistas Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Miss theres Ladies: Laura S., Jill, Jennifer, Me, Carrie, and Dollie! Not pictured Michelle, Katie and Ms. Monica

Photography by Tami Montgomery — NicPix Photography

The fabulous Jill — Photography by Tami Montgomery — NicPix Photography

Dia Ladies Do Nashville — Part 1

Photography by Tami Montgomery (NicPix Photography)

Hello Southernistas! I know it has been a long while since I’ve posted anything and I am sorry. One of the reasons is that I have been preparing for what I’m going to talk about in this blog which is my trip to Nashville, TN with my Mother to meet up with some amazing women that I connected with on the Dia & Co Facebook Community. This community was created by Dia & Co for Dia customers to come together and lift each other other. It is truly a safe place and I’ve gotten to know some awesome women on the community.

I’ve connected with ladies here in North Carolina through Dia & Co and thanks to Laura Mokelke who organized the get together I got to meet some truly amazing women and discover a place I’ve never been to but always wanted to visit. Some of the ladies arrived on Thursday and the rest of us arrived Friday.

Laura Mokelke and Me

The Air BNB we stayed in was really nice and with 12 women sharing this house we made it work. I think it was perfect! It was not too big but not too small the house was cozy and it created a togetherness that allowed us girls to really get to know each other

Our Air BNB

When Mama and I arrived on Friday and got settled in we got to greet everyone. There was a lot of hugging and of course the fashion was firece!

Laura Stanberry (

Michelle looking fabulous

Jennifer Conner ( & I casually slaying

The weekend that we were in Nashville there was a lot going in Nashville that weekend. There was the Tennessee Craft Fair, Octoberfest, Vanderbilt University was having Homecoming so we had a lot to choose from. We went to the craft fair that was held in Centennial Park. Centennial Park is worth the trip because there is a full scale replica of the Parthenon and is one of the locations that Percy Jackson & the Lighting Thief was filmed. There is a small fee to go inside the Parthenon $6.50 for adults and $5.50 for seniors and children. I didn’t get to go inside because I really wanted to attend the craft fair but it is truly a marvel to behold.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon Side View

After the craft fair we went back to the house to change and go out to dinner. We went to Monell’s at the Manor for dinner. I highly recommend Monells if you’re looking for good southern cooking family Monells is where you want to go.

Monell’s at the Manor

Group photo at Monell’s

After dinner we returned to the house to talk and laugh and the most fun we had was an impromptu clothing swap. I was able to get the Girl with Curves Coat dress from Jennifer Conner at a great price and Michelle did a Dia unboxing. We talked we laughed and it was a great end to the night.

Stay tuned to part two of my adventures in Nashville with my Dia sisters. Also my friend and now fellow blogger will also have a blog post up about the Nashville trip.

Until next time Southernistas remember BE BOLD, BE FEARLESS, BE CONFIDENT!

All About Denim Skirts

Hey Southernistas I hope y’all are doing great and that your weekend has been great. I hope you’re recharged, refreshed, renewed, and ready to start another work week. I know after the amazing worship services I went to today I am definitely ready for the week.

So my original post for this blog has been postponed because although it is officially fall summer still lingers in the Tarheel State so I’m saving that post for cooler weather. I admire southern bloggers who do fall looks in the heat but at the moment I can’t contend with the weather and hot flashes. Since my original post has been postponed I was stuck and had no idea what to write about and then I got a bolt of inspiration and decided to talk about my love of denim skirts. If you follow me on Instagram (@reginaswilliamsgmail) then you will notice that I don’t really wear jeans with the exception of one pair of pink denim capris I have. Reason being that I don’t fine jeans particularly comfortable and for me they are just hot but I do like denim so my solution to jeans are denim skirts. Now I’ve heard people say they can’t find a good denim skirt or a denim skirt at all and I am always surprised when I hear that because I own several denim skirts and I’ve never had a problem finding a great denim skirt. Just like finding a great pair of jeans you have to look and try on to find your denim skirt. Denim skirts,like jeans, come in different lengths,washes, fabrics, and weights. You can dress a denim skirt up or down and they are a great alternative to jeans if you feel like wearing denim but you don’t want to wear jeans. This year I found the perfect denim skirts from Simply Be that fit like a glove. They have tons of stretch so I would suggest you size down and they come in black, light, and dark denim. I literally cannot say enough about these skirts from Simply Be.

Simply Be Pull On Stretch Tube Skirt, Top from Eloquii (old) Shoes from Payless (old)

Simply Be Pull On Stretch Skirt (Indigo), Top from Stitch Fix

Simply Be Pull On Stretch Denim Skirt (black), Top from Simply Be (sold out) Shoes from Payless

Below are more links to denim skirts. Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Denim Pencil Skirt Simply Be

Chloe Stretch Coated Denim Pencil Skirt Simply Be

Deconstructed Maxi Skirt Simply Be

Chic Denim Skirt J Skirt

Denim Wrap Skirt GS Love

Girl with Curves x Lane Bryant

Hello Southernistas! Sorry for this late post but you know Florence decided to pay North Carolina a visit last weekend which made it slightly impossible to give my blog any attention but I’m back now! Thank you to everyone who reached out to me to make sure my family and I were safe.

Today I am so excited to talk about Lane Bryant’s first influencer collaboration with Tanesha Awasthi whose blog is Girl with Curves and they couldn’t have made a better choice for this important first. I am a big fan of her blog and of her style aesthetic which is very chic, sophisticated, and modest. This collection dropped September 9th and I went after church to check it out and lets just say I didn’t leave empty handed. This is a beautiful collection and it is obvious Tanesha really designed this collection with comfort as well as style in mine! All of the dresses have pockets and for us single ladies there are no zippers and plenty of stretch. If you haven’t seen the collection I would advise to run don’t walk to your local Lane Bryant or go to Lane Bryant’s website and check out the collection. As I’ve already stated the collection is selling out fast.

I knew when I had to have this dress when I first saw it on the website. This beautiful purple is so rich and the print is beautiful and perfect for Fall.

Purple Medallion Print Dress GWC X LB

My next purchase was this beautiful pleated dress. I love the print and I love the softness of this dress and it has pockets! When I tried this dress on at Lane Bryant I immediately felt very demure and like a lady.

GWC x Lane Bryant Print Dress

This beautiful yellow floral top is a showstopper and this sleeves are great for someone like me who has large arms. It is a great way to take a suit up a notch or to pair with a pair of jeans or leggings. I missed it but my Mom didn’t and I can say is thinks Mom!

GWC x Lane Bryant Printed Blouse

Although I was denied the pleated trench coat I did purchase this cute duster/jacket

GWC x Lane Bryant Wrap Poncho w/belt

I love this top so much that I bought the black one too!

GWC x Lane Bryant Black Shirt Skirt also from Lane Bryant (no longer available)

If you have purchased any of the pieces from this collections I would love to hear from you.

Until next time Southernistas remember to Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!