Rediscovering my Closet

Hey Southernistas! I hope y’all are enjoying your Labor Day weekend and that you are truly enjoying this last official holiday of the Summer.

Since I started this journey of loving myself and discovering fashion I will admit that my shopping has kicked up a notch. Whereas I use to go shopping and felt like nothing looked good on me I now go shopping and walk out with several pieces or I’m online ordering. For the past several months there has been a box waiting for me practically everyday.

In the month of July I busted my budget and the blame lays squarely at Eloquii’s feet! I mean I’m only human and who could resist their clearance sale where you could get 80% off can we say hello Draper James collection! After practically melting my credit card I decided that for the month of August I would put myself on a shopping band and shop my closet. This was not an easy thing to do especially when Dress Barn was having an amazing sale (75%off) and so was Lane Bryant and then Eloquii had their dress sale but nevertheless I resisted (even if I did dream about shopping) and stuck to my decision not to buy anything new but wear what is already in my closet. Now that August has passed and September has arrived I can honestly say I am so glad I made the decision to shop my closet and my wallet is thankful too. I rediscovered dresses that I really loved and it forced me to really think and put together outfits everyday plus I got to wear at least 4 of the 7 pairs of shoes I bought in July from Eloquii (did I mention they were 80% off). I encourage you to shop your closet and experiment with putting together outfits. Everyday was a new discovery in my closet and so I wanted to share some of my favorite looks from August.

Top from Dia & Co, Skirt from ASOS (old), Shoes from Just Fab (old)

Top (similar here)& Skirt (old) from Simply Be, Shoes from Venus (here), Cross body bag from Dia & Co

Dress from the Prabal Gurung collection for Lane Bryant (old) Shoes from Just Fab, Tote from Catos (old)

Dress from Ellos (similar here) Shoes from Payless

Shirt and shoes from Eloquii (old) Skirt from Sofistafunk (no longer available)

Dress from Eloquii (here) Shoes from Eloquii (no longer available) Bag from Amazon (here)

Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Weekend Style

Hey Y’all! Happy Sunday Southernistas! I hope y’all’s weekend has been a good weekend and that you have recharged your batteries and are ready to start another work week. I look forward to Sundays to go to church and be revived and renewed by the Holy Spirit.

On the weekend it is so tempting to let ourselves “go” as my Grandmother would say especially when you get up through the work week and slay in the office it is easy to want to throw on sweat pants and a t-shirt and call it a day. I am very intentional in my fashion choices even on the weekends because in the past I have just thrown on anything and left the house but those days are behind me. I still want to look very chic but casual and this Roaman’s scarf print maxi dress from Full Beauty is the perfect choice when I want to look stylish and still be causal. I actually bought this dress in several prints and it was the best decision I made! This dress is very light and comfortable. You can add a denim jacket and white tennis shoes as we start to make that transition to Fall or wear it as I did today with some cute low heeled mules or with some cute wedges. This is a perfect weekend look

Roaman’s Scarf Print Dress in Blue Boarder Pint (here) White mules from Payless Shoe Source (old)

Until next time be Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Black & White

Hey Y’all!

Black and white is one of the classic combinations in fashion I mean you can’t go wrong with this color combo I mean the King of Pop himself even had a hit with a song titled Black or White. I know many myself included think of black & white as a basic combination but it is actually very chic and sophisticated and it doesn’t have to basic or boring. I actually learned this when I was reading the blog Supersize My Fashion titled BLK/WHT (click here to read) this past January and I was bowled over with how she took these classic colors up a notch and I was inspired to recreate her look but put my own spin on the look. I began my search for a dress similar to what Dionne was wearing and I began to despair that I would find something similar because the dress Dionne wore was sold out. Just when I was ready to give up hope I received a catalog from Venus which is a new company to me, but as I began to look through the catalog I discovered this black and white lace up dress. I could not believe my eyes and I was over the moon when I saw they offered it in plus size so I immediately went to their website and ordered the dress. When the dress I arrived it was every bit as beautiful as it looked on the website. Then my search began for a pair of shoes, I knew I didn’t want boots, and once again I started to get discouraged until I went on Amazon and found these black & white shoes (here)! They are actually a pair of shoes I didn’t order two pairs and wore one black shoe and one white shoe LOL. My overall style is modest so I paired this white blouse I got from Eloquii a few years ago underneath the dress because the neckline is a little too low for my aesthetic. I was so pleased with how this look came together and got so many compliments when I got to church.

Until next time Southernistas and remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

You Can’t Wear That! Floral Prints

Hey Y’all!

I must confess that I have not always been crazy about floral prints but I must admit they are starting to grow on me. I think it’s because floral prints are a staple in every Southern woman’s closet but it has been a fashion rule that they are not for plus size women and for me my aversion was along the same lines as my one time aversion to polka dots that being I don’t want to look fat but I have to remind myself I don’t look fat I am fat (it’s just an adjective) so I can toss that logic out the window. Floral prints to me have also represented old lady style whenever I thought about them. I never looked at them as fresh or pretty I just looked at them and thought Grandma. Slowly I’m starting to feel this print and it is a good feeling. I see them as not only fresh and pretty but they are a great mood lifter especially in the winter when I’m longing for Spring to arrive. I know I’m repeating myself when I say this but there is a floral print for everyBODY and it’s up to you to decide how bold you want to go with your choice. I’m sure by now you Southernistas know that I like to go pretty bold with my fashion choices and that goes for a floral print. When I got my last fix from Stitch Fix my stylist Rebecca included this beautiful floral maxi dress and I could not be happier. I love the bold flowers on this dress and I decided to pair it with my Botkier floral wedges (here)and this cute tote from Nine West and a simple necklace. When I saw myself in this floral maxi dress the only thoughts that popped in my head was how good I looked in this dress and how much I loved the big bold flowers because it represents my new outlook on life!

Floral Maxi Dress from Stitch Fix, Botkier Floral Print Wedges (old), Tote from Nine West (old)

Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

You Can’t Wear That! Stripes

You Can’t Wear That! Stripes

Hey Y’all!

The one thing I always here when it comes to plus size women wearing any stripes is that they make us look fat. Since no one wants to look fat, except we’re already fat, we as plus size women avoid stripes like they are a deadly and contagious disease! Here’s the thing stripes are for everyBODY! Several Mother Days ago my Mother and daughter’s gift to me was a sleeveless dress with stripes. When I first saw the dress all I felt was dread because again it was sleeveless, stripes, and it was graphic stripes to top it off. I loved the color and I could always wear a shrug to cover my arms but what could do about the stripes? I tried not to let the fear show on my face as I looked at the dress and I knew I was going to wear it because I could never hurt my Mom’s or daughter’s feelings (I’m not a monster) so I took a deep breath and put the dress on but the problem was I couldn’t see how good I looked in the dress because I kept thinking I look fat in these stripes. Then I walked into work and all I heard was how great I looked. The sincere compliments flowed all day and not once did I hear those stripes make you look fat. I still have that dress and I still get nothing but compliments when I wear the dress.

My Mother’s Day Gift

Since then I’ve bought several outfits with every size of stripe and I wear them with confidence which is the key to wearing any outfit. If you’re still wary about wearing stripes think about wearing a skirt or a top or accessorize.

Trumpet Maxi Skirt from Eloquii (old) Shirt from Eloquii (old) Faux Fur from Full Beauty

I love this wrap dress from Eloquii because the stripes are broken up on the dress.

Wrap dress from Eloquii (old) Shoes from Nine West (old) Bag from Cato Fashion (old)

There is a stripe out there for you. There are dresses that have one type of stripe at the top and different strip on the bottom so you can draw attention to or from whatever area you like or don’t like. This really cute dress from Ellos which has horizontal stripes at the top and chevron stripe at the bottom which I love draws the eye down.

Dress from Ellos (here)

I recently purchased this really cute dress from the Draper James collection for Eloquii which has a thin pin stripe.

Draper James for Eloquii Strip Wrap Dress (here) Shoes from DSW (no longer available) Purse from Amazon

Until next time remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Here are some other beautiful options here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Gingham Style

Happy 4th of July y’all! Happy Birthday America!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t why aren’t you?!) you will notice the one print I am obsessed with gingham! I have rediscovered my love of gingham and the fact that it is a trend that looks like it going to around for a while makes me so happy although if it wasn’t I would still wear this print. I own several gingham dresses, skirts, shoes and I plan to buy even more. Gingham doesn’t just come in black and white print but you can get gingham in many colors and it’s up to you how big or small you want to go with the print. For me this print is summer and if there was an official print/pattern of summer it would be gingham. I know there are some of you who aren’t crazy about this print because you believe it makes you look like a picnic blanket and I say what’s wrong with that? Picnics are fun and if I’m wearing something that makes you think of a picnic in the park friends & family or that special someone then all the more reason to wear gingham. Trying to decide what to wear for the 4th of July and you don’t want to do the obvious red, white, and blue or wear shorts and a t-shirt but want a more chic look this is the print that will take your look from super causal to chic and casual. For me as a Southerner gingham is that quintessential southern print for a southern lady. When I saw this dress on Lane Bryant’s website I knew it would be the perfect look for this July 4th holiday.

Gingham Dress from Lane Bryant (click here)

I decided I wanted a casual look so I wore these cute white mules from Payless Shoe Source and do a little print mixing with probably my favorite tote from

If you don’t have any gingham in your wardrobe I encourage you to add it to your closet. For more gingham fashion click here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

Have a great 4th of July and remember BE BOLD, BE FEARLESS, BE CONFIDENT!

This is not a sponsored post.

I am Not a Before

Hey Y’all! Hope y’all are having a great Memorial Day weekend and that you’ve taken the time from your cookouts and relaxing to remember those who’ve sacrificed their lives for our country.

Today I want to talk about the new campaign Dia & Co has debuted called #FittoThrive with the motto You are not a Before, You are never a Before. This is an active wear line from Dia that you can order as a separate box called a Dia Active Box. There is a wait list right now for the Dia active box when you order one. If you don’t know about Dia or you’re not familiar with Dia they are a fashion subscription service exclusively for plus size women size 14 & up. You fill out a very detailed style profile, you set the dollar amount you are willing to spend for each item, and there is space for additional comments (no character limits). You pay a $20.00 styling fee and you will receive 5 pieces picked for you by a stylist. Once you receive the box you have 5 days to try on what you receive and decide if you want to keep everything or you can keep what you like and return what you don’t like in the return envelope they provide for you. The $20 styling fee is applied to your total and if you the keep everything in the box you will receive an additional 25% discount.

Since I’ve started on this journey of self love and fashion the one thing that really annoys me are the commercials I see everyday on television, online, and in print media you know the ones where you have people saying how miserable they were before they lost 20, 50, 100+lbs and there is always the before picture of them looking so miserable and the after picture of them living their best life. Now before I continue let me just state I am not anti weight loss if you are on a weight loss journey then GO YOU. My problem is the message that before weight loss you are this unhappy, miserable person who mustn’t show yourself to the world and you must hide yourself in the bell tower away from the general public. Everyday and everywhere we are being bombarded with the billion dollar diet & weigh loss industry’s message that you’ll never be happy if you’re not thin. We have been conditioned to believe that skinny equals healthy and that’s not true. You can lead a very active and healthy life at any size. I speak from experience because I’ve tried just about every diet out there thinking if I just loose the weight I will be beautiful, I can wear beautiful clothes, I will live my best life. I forgot that God calls me beautiful and He loves me and not my size. I forgot that God’s wonderful word tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and not that when you’re skinny you’ll be great. The only weight God wants me to shed is the weight of sin and shame. The weight of negative thoughts and the ugly words people have called me and spoken over my life. The Father wants me to be free from all that and more and walk in His word and what He has called me (and you)to be.

That’s why I love this new campaign from Dia & Co featuring plus size women from all walks of life who are leading active and fulfilled lives. They prove that fitness is not about weight loss but fitness is about taking care of the body you have at whatever size you are. What’s even more exciting is Dia has joined with tennis great Venus Williams and she will be offering her line in plus exclusively through Dia & Co in Sepetmeber! To learn more about Dia active click on the link below to view their video about Dia active wear.

I am not a before by any means! I am beautiful! I am wearing beautiful clothes now! I am living my best life now! As my fellow Dia babe and friend Laura says I am wonderfully made! I am never a before!

Until next time y’all! Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Making a Statement

Hey Y’all and Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to the three day weekend!

For this shoe blog I want to talk about the statement shoe. What is a statement shoe I hear you asking? A statement shoe pulls your outfit together but gives it that POP you’re looking for. As I stated in my first shoe blog for me shoes are the ultimate accessory. Before I started this fashion journey I always took pride in my shoes and I expressed myself via my feet. Gone are the days of the traditional shoes to match your outfit. There was a time when the ultimate statement shoe was a metallic shoe but now statement shoes have arrived and they come in different prints, patterns, crystals, feathers, over the top metallic and the list goes on when it comes to shoes. If heels aren’t your thing statement shoes also come in flats too so no excuses. The shoe I want to introduce you to are these beautiful sparkly floral wedges by Botkier! Botkier is a brand I’ve recently discovered and the shoes are amazing and if I could I would buy every shoe on the website but my budget will not permit this sadly! I’ve had to restrain myself from wearing them everyday since I received them. These shoes do run true to size so if you have wide feet like I do order up a 1/2 size of if you need to go up a size.

Jessie (Pastel Floral)

This is definitely a statement shoe and I’ve worn these shoes when I’ve wanted to take what I’m wearing to the next level . These shoes have been an immediate hit every time I’ve worn them and they are very comfortable despite the 4″ heel. As you can see from the picture below the shoes added that pizzazz to my outfit. The great thing about a statement shoe is that it can immediately dress up a casual outfit and give it a touch of glam.

Shirt, Pants, and Cardigan from Dia & Co. Pocketbook from Nine West

Regardless of the type of job you have there is statement shoe out there for you that will work in any environment. This shoe is a great way to express yourself if you’re not ready to make a bolder statement with your fashion.

Until the next time Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident and wear the shoe!