My Second Favorite Color


Happy Monday Southernistas! I hope I y’all had a great weekend and that you are feeling rested, renewed, and restored and ready to conquer your week.

It is not secret that my absolutely favorite color is red! I look amazing in the color red and I feel bold, confident and sexy in red too. I mean what girl doesn’t feel a total boss babe or a sexy siren when they put on a red dress or lipstick or even a killer pair of red stilettos. But I must confess there is another color I am starting to fall in love with and that is the color green. Now don’t get me wrong it will never replace my first love red but over the last year I find myself gravitating to the color green whenever I go shopping. I discovered this beautiful green maxi dress at Ashley Stewart and it is so comfortable and stylish but alas it is sold out but I will provide links to alternates. Green always reminds of Spring and Summer and it is such a restful and peaceful color and it is a soft color. Green can also be a bold color like every color there is a shade of green for everyone.

With fall just around the corner I’ve been checking out the darker tones of the color Green and can’t wait to incorporate them in my fall closet. If you are looking in your closet and wondering what’s missing I would suggest you incorporate a little green in your closet and just enjoy all the compliments.

Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confident!

Dress from Ashley Stewart (sold out) alternate, alternate, alternate| Shoes from Payless Shoe Source

Finding Inspiration


Hello Southernistas! I hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend and that you stayed cool and fashionable in this heat.

I must admit that lately I’ve just felt like I’ve lost my fashion mojo. The great thing about fashion is that there is so much great plus size fashion out there and my closet reflects this the problem is there is so much great plus size fashion and my closet reflects this. I honestly don’t know how full time bloggers do it! Once upon a time I hardly had anything to wear and now I have an overwhelming selection. Usually I plan out my outfits for the week but lately I have been lacking inspiration. I have just felt so uninspired the last few weeks and I find myself looking in my closet thinking whatever my hand lands on that is what I will wear and sometimes that works.

I plan to find my inspiration by tapping into my style sisters at church, my friends, on Instagram, and the Dia Facebook community where there is sisterhood and I am always encouraged and inspired by the women in the Dia community who are fearless. These are great ways to rediscover my fashion mojo. If you’ve been feeling uninspired lately or have lost your fashion mojo tap into your community weather it is on online or in real life and rediscover you fashion inspiration.

Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Brave!

Dress from Eloquii | Shoes from Payless Shoe Source | Bag from JustFab (sold out) alternative

OMG…My Blog turned 1!


Hello to all my Southernistas! I hope your week has been awesome and that you are ready for the three day weekend and remember to take time to remember those who paid the ultimate price in service to our country.

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started this blog! My actual blog birthday was May 6th but things got a little crazy at work. First I never thought I would ever start a blog and now I’ve blogging for a year so crazy. When I started this blog it was and still is my intention to share my fashion journey and a peek inside my life (not a lot happening) with my fellow fashion addicts. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I really thought a lot about weather to start a blog because there are so many awesome blogs out here now but with the encouragement of my Mom, my best friend Lisa, and the awesome Shelia Amir’s Blogging with Precision class I took the plunge and here I am 1 year later. So today I just want to share what I’ve learned in my first year.

First Lesson: Blogging is hard! It is one thing to say I’m going to start a blog but it’s a whole another world when you start! Blogging is a commitment and you have to be willing to commit time weather you are doing it as a hobby (me), part time, or pursuing it as a full time career you have to be committed.

Second Lesson: Blogger/Social Media Workshops are worth the money! When I decided to take that step and start a blog I had no idea where to begin (refer to lesson 1) and I was overwhelmed when I did a Google search. The great thing is I had enrolled in a social media workshop and it helped me so much and when I received an email that Shelia was offering a workshop all about blogging I gladly paid the money. It was money well spent and at the end of the blogging workshop I had the tools I needed to start my blog. Now there are free online blogging classes offered online too if the funds are just not there but if you can make the investment.

Third Lesson: Blogging requires organization! Yes you must be organized when it comes to blogging especially if you have decided to make it a career. There are so many tools available that will help you get organized and stay organized. There are blogging workshops, manuals, and every state has a blogger network you can join for a fee and YouTube is a great resource too. Seasoned bloggers who have a YouTube channel have shared great advice.

Fourth Lesson: Be You! I follow a lot of bloggers but I know that as much as I admire these bloggers I am not them and I have to be Regina and have my own voice. Make sure your blog reflects you. It is totally okay to admire and even to aspire to be like that blogger you love but don’t lose who you are because you are pretty cool yourself and the more authentic you are the more authentic your blog.

Fifth Lesson: Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive! I started my blog on before I moved to WordPress but there are other sites you can go to and they are free. Also don’t stress over hiring a photographer. My mom takes all of my photos on my cell phone and I get asked all the time who my photographer is and when I say my mom the look on people’s face is priceless. Also I’m learning how to take my own pictures and check out my girl Laura of wonderfullymadestyle she takes her own photos! Don’t stress thinking you needs buckets of money all you need are people who love you and support you to help you make your dream come true.

Last but not least I’ve learned to have fun! Blogging can be stressful but it can also be loads of fun too especially the photo shoots.

Well those are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned this first year of blogging and I’m constantly learning and discovering something new and neat everyday.

Thank you for following me and your comments and encouragement! This blog would not exist without my Southernistas! As always remember Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confident!

Dress from (no longer available)| Shoes from Venus | Bag from

The Wearing of the Green


Happy Friday Southernistas and a early Happy Saint Patrick’s Day which is this weekend (Sunday). I hope y’all’s week has been a great week. My week started off a little rough but it got better.

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner I would be remiss if I didn’t delve into my closet and pull out my green to celebrate this fun and festive holiday. For me this holiday feels like the unofficial start of Spring and I am all for that! I am so over winter! Green is such a rich a vibrant color and I can’t think of another color that represents Spring than the color green.

If you are saying that you can’t wear green first remove the can’t from your vocabulary and know that you can wear green. If you are not comfortable with a head to toe look try wearing a print with pops of green or a cute skirt or pants in celebration. Think about a cute pair of shoes, bag, or jewelry for that pop of green. There are so many ways to incorporate green into your look.

So make sure you break out your green this weekend and HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful!

Dress from Eloquii (no longer available) click Here and here and here for alternatives

Suit Up!


Hello Southernistas! I hope everyone has had a good week and that you are keeping warm. Here in North Carolina the week started out in the 60s but it is not freezing!

Southernistas there is nothing like a suit! I had forgotten how wonderful and versatile a suit can be and how timeless they are too. I think my main reason for avoiding suits for so long is because when I think of suits I think about the suits from the 80s shoulder pads and all (shudder) but that is not the case anymore. This week I rediscovered the power of a great suit. The great thing about a suit is that it instantly makes you feel stylish and pulled together. It gives you a polished and effortless look plus total girl boss vibes! You don’t have to go out a buy a suit if you have a great blazer and cute skirt voila you have a suit! Which is what I did with this outfit I paired this blazer from Lane Bryant with this cute skirt also from Lane Bryant and since we’ve had nothing but gray skies recently I wore this ultra feminine lavender floral top and I felt ready to go forth and conquer.

Suits never really go out of style but they are having their fashion moment. With a suit you can mix and match with pieces in your closet to create several different looks. So in the words of Barney from How I Met Your Mother….SUIT UP!

Unit next time Southernistas! Have a great weekend and remember to Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confident!

Bryant Blazer from Lane Bryant, Skirt from Lane Bryant (old), Shoes from Payless (old), Pocketbook from Nine West (Old)

Girl with Curves x Lane Bryant

Hello Southernistas! Sorry for this late post but you know Florence decided to pay North Carolina a visit last weekend which made it slightly impossible to give my blog any attention but I’m back now! Thank you to everyone who reached out to me to make sure my family and I were safe.

Today I am so excited to talk about Lane Bryant’s first influencer collaboration with Tanesha Awasthi whose blog is Girl with Curves and they couldn’t have made a better choice for this important first. I am a big fan of her blog and of her style aesthetic which is very chic, sophisticated, and modest. This collection dropped September 9th and I went after church to check it out and lets just say I didn’t leave empty handed. This is a beautiful collection and it is obvious Tanesha really designed this collection with comfort as well as style in mine! All of the dresses have pockets and for us single ladies there are no zippers and plenty of stretch. If you haven’t seen the collection I would advise to run don’t walk to your local Lane Bryant or go to Lane Bryant’s website and check out the collection. As I’ve already stated the collection is selling out fast.

I knew when I had to have this dress when I first saw it on the website. This beautiful purple is so rich and the print is beautiful and perfect for Fall.

Purple Medallion Print Dress GWC X LB

My next purchase was this beautiful pleated dress. I love the print and I love the softness of this dress and it has pockets! When I tried this dress on at Lane Bryant I immediately felt very demure and like a lady.

GWC x Lane Bryant Print Dress

This beautiful yellow floral top is a showstopper and this sleeves are great for someone like me who has large arms. It is a great way to take a suit up a notch or to pair with a pair of jeans or leggings. I missed it but my Mom didn’t and I can say is thinks Mom!

GWC x Lane Bryant Printed Blouse

Although I was denied the pleated trench coat I did purchase this cute duster/jacket

GWC x Lane Bryant Wrap Poncho w/belt

I love this top so much that I bought the black one too!

GWC x Lane Bryant Black Shirt Skirt also from Lane Bryant (no longer available)

If you have purchased any of the pieces from this collections I would love to hear from you.

Until next time Southernistas remember to Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Feeling Pretty

Hey Y’all! Hope everyone’s weekend is going great.

If I could sum up my style it would be very feminine. I mean there is no doubt that I am a total girlie girl and I love being a girl. For me nothing is more feminine or girlie than florals. Florals are very much a girl’s best friend and if you ever want to bask in your femininity then this print is the way to indulge and bask. I was going to save this post as the last post in my You Can’t Wear That series but after wearing this fit & flare dress I got from Stitch Fix I knew I had to share it with y’all. Stitch Fix is a styling service just like Dia & Co except they are size inclusive which means they offer petite, misses, and plus but only up to a size 24. They’ve recently added Men & Children’s clothing. You go to the website (here)and fill out your style profile and be as detailed as possible. There is a $20.00 styling fee which is applied as a credit to your fix. You receive 5 pieces and you pay for you keep and if you keep everything there is a 25% discount plus the styling fee is applied.

When I received this beautiful navy floral dress in a previous fix I fell in love with how feminine and pretty this dress is. Every time I walked past a mirror I had to stop, give a little twirl, and smile. I almost broke out in I Feel Pretty from West Side Story!

Dress from Stitch Fix Shoes, from Shoe Carnival, and Tote from Nine West

I decided to let the dress stand out and keep it simple with accessories so I wore these nude heels from DSW Shoes and this dual color tote from Nine West hit the perfect note. For jewelry I went with this simple necklace.

Until next time remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

This is not a sponsored post.